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Euthanasia for my Chickens

Most of you reading this blog probably like eating various forms of chicken products – thank goodness!  But, before you even get to enjoy that tasty morsel a lot has already gone into the processing of those birds.  So today, I want to talk a bit about how the birds…

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“A Chicken in Every Pot!”

Well, we now have a new President of the United States.  This prompted me to explain the age old quote “A Chicken in Every Pot.” This might be one of the most miss assigned quotes in political history.  Four different Presidents have been credited with this quote.  The most associated with…

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Gobble, Gobble!

It’s November so how could I do a blog on anything other than the National Bird of America—the Turkey!!  Well, it’s not really the National Bird (the National Bird is the Bald Eagle) but Ben Franklin lobbied hard to make the turkey the National Bird.  He was against the Bald…

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Woody Breasts

As I have mentioned in previous blogs—-the average weight of chickens has soared in the past 50 years.  In 1955 the average weight of a chicken was 3.07# while today it is 6.24#!!!!!  More than double.  And that is just the average.  Many growers are raising birds close to 10#. …

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Mutant Chickens

I was around for the beginning of Kentucky Fried Chicken and oh how I loved it.  The Colonels 11 herbs and spices (which I am pretty sure included MSG) really made that chicken tasty and popular.  Back then they were the first chain to cut and serve the chicken in…

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Survey Says??

Survey Says?? Moms prefer seafood over chicken.  I am so bummed. The most recent data shows that on Mother’s Day——-26% of all Moms wanted seafood——–18% wanted ethnic food (Italian, Mexican, Sushi, etc)——-16% wanted steak——12% wanted buffet——-and only 9% wanted chicken.  Go Figure.  Chicken just barely beat BBQ at 8%.  I…

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The Dark Side Of Chicken

JOIN THE DARK SIDE (OF CHICKEN).  Well not really—chicken is a wonderful and delicious protein that is good and good for you.  What I am referring to is the dark meat portion of the bird—especially referring to the boneless skinless thigh meat.   It always seems to get the short end of…

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Cage Fight

People/customers are always asking me if Rogers chickens are “cage free”. So, let me explain. Cage free is a term that emanates from the table egg business. That is a totally different business model than the business of raising chickens to eat. NONE of the chickens we process at Rogers…

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The Phabulous Pheasant

Ahhhh—Holiday Dinners Are you looking for something new and exciting to feed your friends and family during the Holiday Season? How about a Phabulous Pheasant Dinner??? If you live in the Midwest you’ve probably had Pheasants right out of the field. It’s a taste and experience like no other. Rogers…

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Half & Half

Half and Half basically denotes the percentage of dark meat to white meat on the current chicken population. Years ago it was considered a 60/40 mix but with all of the new breeding techniques, the white and dark meat is about the same percentage of the bird. Where this presents…

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